Make Statusbar

20/04/2009 16:23

On Ms. Word of course we often see the statusbar. usually have the appearance draw, insert picture, auto shap, letter or background color etc.. Well here we will try to make a simple statusbar display only the date, time, and the name of each of us or e-mail. Here are the steps:

Create a new form with the name = tes_statusbar, caption = Statusbar

Create one Statusbar placed on the form

cat: if the application does not have vebe your statusbar, the step to display;
* Select the Project menu bar
* Select the Components or press Ctrl + T
* Select the Controls tab
* Check the list Microsoft Windows Common Controls 5.0 (SP2)
* Click Apply and Ok
* Then, on general / toolbox will appear automatically objects from SP2

Create a timer with interval = 100, enabled = True

Before we make a listing change propertise akan statusbar on the way:
* Right click on the statusbar object that has been made
* Select Properties
* Now there are general tabs, panels, fonts, and picture
* You select panels, clearly visible here that you have only one index.
* We need 3 index so, click 2x Insert panels so that we have 3 index
* To check what is 3 index is not, click the arrow to stay right going left


Private Sub Timer1_Timer ()
StatusBar1.Panels (3) = "Date" & Format (Date, "dd mmmm yyyy")
StatusBar1.Panels (2) = "Hours" & Format (Time, "hh: mm: ss Am / Pm")
StatusBar1.Panels (1) = ""
End Sub

Cat: if you are fit to run the debug / error means your index less statusbar