Make Progresbar

20/04/2009 16:27

As is generally the program or application is bound progressbar or time to wait for a program showing all its features. more often we hear is loading.
Well now we will try to make learning progresbar,'s how:

Create a new form with the name = tes_progressbar, caption = progressbar

Create a label with the fruit fontzise = 18

Create one Progressbar placed on the form

cat: if the application vebe you do not have to show the step;
* Select the Project menu bar
* Select the Components or press Ctrl + T
* Select the Controls tab
* Check the list Microsoft Windows Common Controls 5.0 (SP2)
* Click Apply and Ok
* Then, on general / toolbox will appear automatically objects from SP2

Create a timer with interval = 10, enabled = True

/ / create a variable with a numeric type in General_Declaration
Dim A as Integer

Private Sub Timer1_Timer ()
A = A + 1
Me.ProgressBar1.Value = A
Label1.Caption = A & "%"
If A = 100 Then
Timer1.Interval = 0
Unload Me
End If
End Sub