Make Animation Cartoon

20/04/2009 16:08

Sometimes we are saturated at the time of the form view only. Well now exercise this time we will make animated cartoons form the view that more can live. Step to start with:

Showing the way objext Agent:
* Right-click the toolbox and select the tab control check list Microsoft Agent Control 2.0
* Then apply and ok it will show object / new icon on the toolbox
* Select the object and click n drag on the form

Listingnya as follows:

/ / create a variable Marlin
Dim As lAgentCtlCharacterEx alicialu
Cost Datapath = "merlin.acs"
Agent1.Characters.load "merlin.acs", datapath
set alicialu Agent1.Characters = ( "merlin.acs")
merlin.languageID = & H409 merlin.moveTo 550.50
merlin.moveTo 100.250 ( "Domagic1")
merlin.speak "Welcome Animation On Me" merlin.hide
end sub
note: when in the Run Animation Show Cartoon will auto with a message